Mikro 185

  • 24 reaction tubes per run
  • Safe centrifugation of samples that may be
    a biohazard
  • Safe centrifugation of samples containing
  • Short run-up and run-down times
  • Pulse button for short runs

Micro 200

  • Centrifugation at up to 20,000 x g
  • 30 reaction tubes per run
  • Comprehensive range of rotors
  • Accessories are impermeable to aerosols,
    autoclavable and phenolresistant
  • Short run-up and run-down times

HettCube 200

  • Small space requirement and high capacity:
    Its volume of 150 litres means sufficient
    space for the cell cultures
  • Temperature maintained at the set value, in
    the range 0 °C to +65 °C, so that cultures are
    not subject to temperature fluctuations.